Deana Kirby

Deana KirbyIndustrial Process Operator | Graduated May 2022

Employer: PNM

Job Title: Industrial Process Operator

Why did you choose San Juan College?

I decided after working in an office setting for over 30 years, I wanted a career change. I chose the Instrumentation Control & Electrical Technology degree because of the multiple opportunities in various industries. Once I completed the ICE program, I wanted to advance even further and enrolled in the Industrial Process Operator Program (IPOP). Completing this second program would even further my opportunities.

What did you do to prepare for your career?

While being enrolled in the IPOP program, I was given the amazing opportunity of being hired on with PNM at the Power Plant while they are shutting down the facility. This experience has given me real-time experience of learning the Process Operator responsibilities and learning the various components of a power plant.

What advice would you give to future graduates?

My advice to anyone wanting to further their education, is to be involved with your classes. Engage with your classmates, instructors, and administrators. Ask questions, lots of questions, so that you understand what you are learning.

What was your fondest memory at San Juan College?

All of my instructors at the School of Energy were absolutely amazing! They really helped me understand this second language that I was learning. They truly cared for my success and I am forever grateful for their hard work to go above and beyond to help me understand all of my assignments and the process.


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