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Arts, Communication, & Humanities Programs

Whether you’re looking to express your creativity, help people communicate through visual language, or broaden your knowledge of culture, music, political science, and more, San Juan College will help you reach your goals!

We offer nine degree and certificate programs in Arts, Communication, and Humanities to prepare you for careers in fields such as film and digital media, writing, human services, and sign language interpreting. In addition, our Career-Life Engagement and Readiness (CLEAR) Program prepares students who have intellectual or physical disabilities to obtain gainful employment.

Some of these programs can be completed in as little as two semesters, and many courses are offered online to accommodate your scheduling needs. Start working toward your goals with an Arts, Communication, or Humanities Degree at San Juan College.

Arts, Communication, & Humanities Degrees & Certificates

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Learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) and gain an understanding of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and support services available. Take the first step toward a career as a sign language interpreter with an ASL certificate.

American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate

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Students with intellectual or physical disabilities will develop and strengthen valuable workplace skills and professional traits. Begin your journey to gainful employment through San Juan College’s CLEAR Program.

Career-Life Engagement and Readiness (CLEAR) Certificate

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Start your career in film and digital media. Earn a degree or certificate and learn how to create and edit websites, videos, photos, and graphics for print, film, and multimedia.

Digital Media Arts and Design Degree, AAS

Open Book

Develop and refine your writing skills for personal, academic, creative, and technical writing. Pursue a career in writing or enhance an existing career with a certificate.

Writing Certificates

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Explore your interests while fulfilling general education courses. These core classes are required for various degrees, and credits can be transferred to other New Mexico colleges. A certificate also helps you save money on your education as you work toward your four-year degree.

General Education Certificate

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Expand your ability to think critically, find and analyze information effectively, and engage in conversations on a deeper level. Earn your associate degree to develop interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills that are in high demand in the workplace. This is a popular option for students planning to transfer to a four-year institution.

Liberal Arts, AA

Native American basket, pottery and jewelry.

Learn about contemporary and historical Native societies, politics, art, culture, and Native authors. Earn your associate degree to begin a career in fields requiring Native American studies, such as human services, government, advocacy, and state, national, and tribal parks.

Native Studies Degree, AA

Non-Degree Programs

Explore non-degree programs such as anthropology, art, history, music, photography and much more.

Petroglyph drawings

Broaden your knowledge of other cultures as well as your own and learn what makes humans a distinct species.


Piece of artwork

Advance your skills in drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, photography, or art foundation.


Increase your awareness of interpersonal communication. Improving one-to-one communication skills can have a profound impact on your academic and professional career.

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Communication Studies

Photo of the Acropolis

Expand your knowledge of different cultures’ ideas and beliefs and learn how they’ve impacted societal changes through time.


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Gain a comprehensive understanding of a written and spoken language. Choose from courses in Spanish, German, Navajo, French, or Russian, as well as an American Sign Language Certificate.

Modern Languages

Variety of musical instruments Explore the world of music through the various courses offered in our Music Department. Choose from music history and appreciation, reading and writing music, and performance ensembles. You may also take vocal or instrumental lessons.


Sculpture in The Thinker poseFeed your love of wisdom with various courses that focus on the main branches of philosophy, the study of morality, biomedical ethics, and Dine philosophical thoughts.


United States CapitolLearn about American government and politics, Native American politics, public policy, and social and economic structures.

Political Science

Open book

Improve your critical thinking skills and comprehension of the written word. Introduction classes focus on word knowledge and fundamentals of reading skills. Advanced classes focus on academic reading and studying.


Arts, Communication, & Humanities Career Pathways

Arts, communication, and humanities programs are ideal options if you’re a creative and socially engaged person. A degree or certificate in these areas provides you with skills that can be applied in various industries, including marketing, public relations, government, human services, education, tribal government, film, and more.

Depending on the program, students may directly enter the workforce or go on to pursue a four-year degree. Whether you want to start a new career or enhance your current job, a degree or certificate in Arts, Communication, or Humanities will equip you with skills that are transferable to many professional settings.

 Common careers for people who hold degrees in Arts, Communication, or Humanities include:

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