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When you enroll at San Juan College, you are starting a journey to shape your future. Explore our more than 130 two-year degree and certificate programs, and find the one that's right for you. Whether you plan to join the workforce or continue with higher education, our community college classes will prepare you to succeed anywhere you go.

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Find Your Pathway

If you're not sure where to start at San Juan College, you can browse our programs through Pathways, which group our offerings through areas of interest and career paths. You can also take our interactive career assessment. This online tool gives you program and career suggestions based on your interests.

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Each school has degrees, certificates, and non-degree programs to help you gain the knowledge and competitive edge you need to succeed in the workforce, your continued education, and life. San Juan College is organized into six different schools: School of Business, Information Technology and Social Sciences; School of Energy; School of Health Sciences; School of Humanities; School of Science, Math, and Engineering; and School of Trades and Tech.

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Think About Your Transfer Journey

Did you know many of our associate degrees count as two years of credit for bachelor's degrees at 4-year schools? That means studying at San Juan College is an efficient way to earn a bachelor's degree with community college classes near you. Start thinking about the transfer process today.

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Learn Your Way

We know that not everyone is a traditional student. Whatever your goals or unique situation, San Juan College provides the help you need to succeed in your chosen field.

Online Learning

If you need a more flexible option for school, check out our online learning options. You can take classes online or even complete an entire degree or certificate programs remotely.

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Adult Education

Our Academic and Career Engagement (ACE) Center will prepare you for a High School Equivalency Diploma exam. It can also help you prepare for college and community college classes and learn workforce skills.

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Personal Enrichment & Lifelong Learning

Discover your next adventure and connect with your community through our diverse array of personal enrichment and lifelong learning classes. These offerings include computer skills, fitness instruction, art and history classes and more

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Workforce and Professional Development

The Center for Workforce Development can provide you and your business with professional and technical training. You can learn communication and leadership skills, as well as earn certificates for fields such as cloud computing and IT security.

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Industrial Safety Training

At the School of Energy, we focus on equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to keep you safe as well as that of your colleagues. We train and certify over 3,000 people every year in a diverse range of OSHA, PEC, and customized classes. Plus, we offer Medic or American Red Cross certification for First Aid, CPR, AED, and Blood Borne Pathogens.

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